Protecting birds in High-Speed Rail lines.


The decrease of bird collisions in High-Speed rail lines is a topic of growing interest in recent years. Rail infrastructure produces several effects for some birds, to which the high speed must be added as an additional factor to take into account in this type of lines.

The Life Impacto Cero project (Development and demonstration of an anti-bird strike tubular screen for High Speed Rail lines) is funded by the European Commission's “Life” programme and its main objective is the determination of measures to protect birds through anti-collision screens in High-Speed rail lines. For achieving this goal, the project will evaluate the effectiveness of a new design of anti-collision screens based on the concept of equally spaced tubular screens. It is expected to increase knowledge on the interaction between railway infrastructure and birdlife, with the aim of introducing design improvements to ensure the conservation of biodiversity, making infrastructure compatible with the protection of birds and reducing the impact of existing and future High Speed rail lines.